About Alternative Boo Teek

Alternative Boo Teek has been around since 2001.
I started selling Alternative clothing and accessories on yahoo auctions a few years before that.
My ebay shop was Born in Aug 2001.
The main reason i started selling my jewellery and accessories was because i had always made my own' like forever' ,and constantly got asked for pieces that i wore.I found it very hard to find jewellery back then that suited my personal tastes(there was far less choice in those days )i also found a lot of the stuff that was out there was quite bad quality with substandard materials,so thought others might have similar tastes also .
For people who know me well you will know i suffer from Fibromyalgia and have spells where i cannot make as much as i would like to,this was another reason Boo Teek was born i chose to give up my Job in the medical sector because of the stress adding to my illness ,another reason why i have always chosen to keep Alt boo teek small and not over advertise and promote my items ,i also like the personal feel of my shop (and my 100% feedback from my lovely customers says it all) ...so here we are.. still here 11 years later :)
I have never been a run of the mill type of a gal always had a passion for the ,macabre ,odd dark and twisted..Adore Horror,Film Noir,Tattoo,Day of the Dead,Ethnic pieces,skulls anything gothic and slightly sinister,i have a love of true crime also..but always with a slightly sparkley pretty twist.
I love BIG jewellery i like odd pieces,i LOVE statement necklaces and bracelets,you very rarely find any tiny pieces in my shop :)Chunky Charm Bracelets are an Alternative boo teek signature i think(especially my Jack The Ripper pieces of which i have made many over the last five years and never tire of making them.
I always endeavour to come up with original designs and not to copy any one else,it is hard nowadays however with such a big increase in sellers making "Alternative" designs and limited suppliers to source components from.You always will im afraid get a certain amount of sameness.What you will get from me always is top quality materials.I will not use cheap flimsy materials my pieces are built to last!!I strive to make a good quality piece at an affordable price.Each luxe loaded charm bracelet takes 3 to 4 hours to complete every bead is wrapped and each link filled or double filled,and i use only top quality beads and materials.So believe me my profit margin is cerainly not great!But i do enjoy making a nice quality piece and the satisfaction it gives me is priceless :)
Thought loving care and attention goes into each and every piece i make.I don't churn out the same designs, i will repeat themes but my LUXE range is always slightly different even if the theme is repeated.
I also like to support small sellers with tastes similar to my own and always try to buy handmade from independant retailers.There's so many lovely things out there these days:)

I would like to thank all my repeat buyers for there continued support over the years it really means a lot ...Thankyou xx

Any thing you would like to discuss do message me, im happy to help and always willing to discuss your requirements for a custom piece.
Angie x